12,400 SF

Flores & Associates’ new office space design is a testament to their progressive vision and commitment to fostering a vibrant work environment. This upfit within the iconic “Salt and Vinegar” building seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the building’s semi-industrial charm. The design features a monumental stair, serving as a centerpiece that encourages movement and interaction. Adjacent to the stair is a brick feature wall which proudly showcases the Flores & Associates logo. Redline worked carefully to develop a collaborative environment which promotes teamwork and communication via the integration of bench-style workstations amidst a space flooded with natural light. In addition, meeting rooms of various sizes and styles were also strategically placed throughout the office. A large communal dine-in break room enhances the sense of community and well-being by providing a gathering spot for meals, informal conversation, and relaxation. The overall design celebrates their values and aspirations, creating an inspiring yet functional environment that harmonizes modern design elements with the building’s unique history and character.