12,800 SF

The Innovation District, located in downtown Durham, North Carolina became the new home for Duke’s bustling department. The Imperial building, part of a larger campus community of mixed-use office space, was a space known by locals for its historical status. As a part of the Tobacco Campus built in 1916, the design kept much of its historical charm with restored arched windows with exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and sturdy wood trusses that were all part of the original structure. With a department known for its technological advancements, Duke was not intimidated by a design that introduced modern features to a building so uniquely historical. Sleek glass walls and contemporary light fixtures contrast with the authentic design of this century old building to create a productive work environment. The reception area features its school pride with a blue light backdrop that highlights Duke’s iconic logo. With many hard surfaces and high ceilings, acoustical privacy was a challenge. Areas of dropped ceiling clouds, carpeted spaces, and a white noise sound system was enough to buffer any disrupting sound transmissions to create a co-working and collaborative environment for the school.