7,000 SF

Officeworks is located in the heart of the FreeMore West district of Charlotte, NC. This project showcases the vast array of furniture, glass, and wall system solutions that Officeworks brings to the modern-day corporate workplace. Great care was taken to ensure the charm of the building was left intact and any new features that were integrated into the showroom were complementary to the building’s existing architecture which includes features such as wood roof decking, open web steel joists, and exposed steel diagonal brace frames. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a unique fireplace feature with an oversized steel hood assembly set against the backdrop of an elevated break room fitted with hardwood flooring and comfortable seating. This setting signals to visitors that they’re welcome and encouraged to stay a while, evoking a sense of southern hospitality. A walk through the showroom floor reveals a harmonious blend of design and functionality rolled into one cohesive, design-forward environment strategically crafted to maximize adaptability for the Officeworks sales team without sacrificing aesthetics. The result is a space that both inspires future Officeworks clients and speaks to the future of corporate workplace interior design.