Sapphire Bay Car Wash

Gastonia, NC
5,500 sqft

Sapphire Bay Car Wash is a state-of-the-art, automated car wash facility in Gastonia, NC. This facility boasts one of the most advanced car wash systems in the country - the Tommy Wash Tunnel System. This system has perfected the science of cleaning in order to reduce wasted water, chemical usage, and unnecessary items. The tunnel structure is a partial barrel-vault structure with curved aluminum ribs and translucent blue polycarbonate panels as the skin. This panel system allows the customer to experience ample natural light accented by blue highlights, echoing the theme of water and cleanliness. A stand-alone self-service canopy was designed to help provide shade and cover for customers to vacuum and detail their vehicles. A central vacuum system is integral with the canopy and a cleaning supplies dispenser is located nearby as well. This new facility is one-of-a kind in the area and attracts a lot of customers with the structure alone and that is good for business.