Lowes Motor Speedway Suite

Concord, NC
970 sqft

Hendrick Motorsports is one of NASCAR's most respected and well known racing teams in the industry. Interest in the world of racing has dramatically increased over the years and thus has become a very lucrative business. Their executive suite at Lowes Motor Speedway, where sponsors and other industry partners are catered to, was in need of a face lift to not only make the interiors more appealing but also to improve the flow of a very small footprint that serves many functions. The suite was dark, dated, lacked adequate storage for food and beverage service and the layout created a bottleneck at the suite's entrance. Redline was able to improve the traffic flow in to and within the suite by repositioning the kitchen area away from the main entrance and relocating the food service area. Additional storage was captured by utilizing the limited vertical space within the suite. The finishes were updated by using a palette of contrasting neutrals, higher end flooring materials and more efficient lighting, giving the space a cleaner, sleeker and more timeless elegance. The end result is a well organized, highly efficient plan with clean, simple finishes that welcome and excite the interest of any potential sponsor, industry partner or racing family and friends.