31.5 ACRES

The reputation of Redline Design Group's automotive expertise is farther reaching than we thought. In 2006, a group of Auto Dealers from Moscow, Russia contacted Redline to employ our consulting services to help them with some master planning and facility planning. Not having worked in Russia or in metric units much before, this was somewhat new ground. But in typical fashion, we learned quickly and performed up to our usual levels of quality and timeliness. Being on different time zones, it was typical to work late and converse on odd hours. The nature of the project consisted of master planning a multi-dealership auto mall, working with the client to provide numerous schemes in an effort to attract the manufacturers that would be best-suited for their business plan. Redline was integral in helping land those deals through creating Site Master Plans, and complex 3-D models and drive-by videos sent via internet with translations to Russian and Metric.