J. Hendrick Center for Auto Tech

Charlotte, NC
34,000 sqft

CPPC's vision is to be the leading national educator in the field of Automotive Technology. Thanks in part to a generous grant from the Hendrick Companies in honor of Mr. Rick Hendrick's father, Papa Joe Hendrick, CPCC has endeavored to create the premier electrical & fuels training facility on their Levine Campus in Matthews, NC. This will compliment their new engines and transmissions training labs on their North Campus near Huntersville. Redline was awarded the job based on its extensive experience in the automotive marketplace.

This facility provides manufacturer-approved and sponsored training for Toyota, General Motors and BMW. A unique feature of this facility is the class/lab layout in which the classroom acts as a lab, offering hands-on training on the actual vehicle. Many of the labs have vehicles on lifts within the classroom, simulating a typical service repair bay. The classrooms also employ smart technology to give the instructors an unlimited range of instruction techniques within one room. There is also general service bays in an adjacent "shop" environment for miscellaneous instruction. Support spaces include large storage facilities for engines & transmissions and instructor/administrative staff offices. The lobby incorporates a vehicle display as well as a tribute to Papa Joe Hendrick.