Ingersoll Rand

Charlotte, NC
80,000 sqft

Our design team took a 30 year old, single story dinosaur of a building and transformed it into a Class A, Sustainability Award-winning, LEED GOLD showcase office building. The goal was to create a denser 2 story building out of 1 floor and give it a new energy efficient skin and mechanical system. Because the Owner was actually the manufacturer of all of the Trane HVAC equipment that was to be used, we offered a unique concept of creating a “Living Showcase” to display the state-of-the-art equipment. Instead of hiding the equipment like usual, we set it in FRONT of the building. We designed a “Product Showcase” with 9 interactive kiosks. We created a “living tour” that allows visitors to get the full IR Brand Experience. The newly inserted 2nd floor allowed IR to seat more employees on campus and accommodate their growth without taking up valuable wooded lakefront property. The end result is a low-impact, high-tech rehab of an existing structure that sets a new mark in sustainability, efficiency and beauty.