TTI Floor Care

Charlotte, NC
64,350 sqft

With aspirations of redefining a corporate identity and office culture, TTI Floor Care chose Charlotte’s Innovation Park as the location for their new product development hub and innovation center. Known for their iconic brands such as Hoover, Dirt Devil and Oreck, TTI wanted to provide a new type of workspace that inspires progressive thinking and collaboration.

The main space is a modern office with a product showroom and large scale think-tank. Organized by business unit and brand, open workstation pods surround the focal think-tank which serves as a nucleus for idea sharing. In order to facilitate a variety of meeting types, the think-tank includes lounge seating, an elliptical pin-up room with wood slat walls, and a presentation area with stepped bench seating & moveable magnetic boards. The presentation area provides a creative, comfortable venue for product meetings that allows everyone to participate or observe through its strategic scale and position in the middle of the footprint.