Northeastern University

Charlotte, NC
14,200 sqft

In 2011 Northeastern University embarked on a campaign of establishing Regional Campuses in select major U.S. cities. NEU's goal was to develop truly modern platforms for graduate education and collaborations between higher education and industry. NEU chose Charlotte as its first location. NEU selected the most prominent corner in Charlotte to market its programs to working professionals seeking graduate degrees. The showroom itself is an open, well-lit modern space with changing graphic displays, custom wood accent display wall, stone flooring, classic furniture and sleek ceilings.

The upper floor of this 2 floor up-fit contains the main classrooms, administrative offices, reception, break rooms and restrooms. High-end furniture along with well-placed graphic displays help accent clean modern lines and a simple color pallet. The end result is a space that fosues on utilizing emerging technology while being balanced by a timeless design experience.