Hendrick Automotive Group

Charlotte, NC
14,000 sqft

This first floor project is the last of three floors to be renovated at Hendrick Automotive Group's Corporate Headquarters. This particular floor was the most critical from a visitor access standpoint. The first floor is the main building entry and serves to greet visitors, showcase services, house conference rooms, receive deliveries, sort mail and many other functions critical to the business. HAG's desire was to create a visitor and waiting lobby environment that would reflect their passion for their trade and their pursuit to be "Best in Class" at what they do.

A large graphic wall displays a photo of their core philosophy "Customer Service", showing a couple working through the sale of a vehicle with one of HAG's highly trained sales personnel. Open glass conference walls let light flood through the lobby from the exterior while a warm and inviting wood reception desk and corporate logo sets off the visitor greeting zone. A key architectural element is a recessed slot in the wall leading back to the corporate center that displays all of HAG's representative automotive brand emblems in chrome against a back-lit acrylic panel. This space transformed from a cold, sterile difficult to navigate space to an open, warm and organized space that clearly represents HAG's business approach.