Good KIA

Rock Hill, SC
18,000 sqft

The Good family heritage in Rock Hill goes way back. With a history of domestic cars, to take a chance on a KIA franchise was a gamble, but a bigger gamble yet was to relocate the franchise to a new site - away from their original location dating back to the early 1900's. Both gambles has paid off for the Good's. Their new 18,000 sf dealership is a KIA prototype dealership with modern finishes and fixturing. A gracious and open showroom certainly sets the mood for open business dealings. The customer lounge has many amenities including an exterior patio and lots of natural light. Their shop is modest but efficient with 12 bays. This dealership was built on a tight budget amidst the deepest recession since the Great Depression. It was a testament to the Good's commitment to their customers and a show of their economic stability and staying power. Given the KIA design with curved canopies and specialty details, great care was taken by Redline to coordinate these features with the building manufacturer. Because of the timing of the construction, the owner was able to be open for business at the forefront of economic recovery and has had excellent sales because of it. In the end, it was an encouraging economic success story for the community - helping to further the Good's Reputation for years to come.