RK Collection

Concord, NC
36,800 sqft

RK Collection is a privately owned auto collection and restoration start-up company. After leasing a 37,000 square foot building adjacent to the Concord Regional Airport, in the heart of the NASCAR Race Shop Valley, they needed an architect to make their dreams into reality. In search of an automotive architect, they found Redline. It was a short fuse deadline of less than 3 months from conception to occupancy, which Redline willingly took as a challenge.

We produced permit-ready documents within three weeks. Two months later, the space was occupied and the owner was in their new space. One half of the building houses the collection showroom with museum-quality lighting and unique shop floors. Also, on the showroom side are the main offices, conference room and lobby. In the back half of the building is a restoration shop with 2 lift bays, 2 "rotisserie" bays, 2 wash bays and space for a future paint booth, plus break rooms and shop offices. The shop is brightly lit and utilizes white epoxy flooring for maximum light reflectivity. Restoring cars requires high-quality lighting and a clean, dust-free environment. Redline provided all of the required elements with a quality of design that made the most of the limited time frame under limited budget constraints.