Scott Clark Toyota

Matthews, NC
269,000 sqft

Scott Clark is a local Charlotte Toyota dealer with big ideas. When he came to Redline for our expertise in Retail Automotive planning, it was hard to believe what his actual goals were; a 4 story Toyota facility with 269,000 gross square feet and 2 levels of parking deck over the service department. This equated to one of the largest Toyota facilities in the world. This mammoth dealership has a 12,500 sf showroom alone. The shop and parking deck structure was all precast concrete, while the showroom and office structure was conventional steel. The exterior of the shop is painted while the showroom facades are clad in sleek metal panels. With multiple customer waiting areas, café & coffee areas, child's play rooms and large expanses of glass for natural light, this facility really caters to the customer. Large boutique areas offer all the bells, whistles and Toyota merchandise a proud new owner could want. The main customer waiting area features a large floating wood ceiling, nice in-set carpeting, large LCD TV screens and finely upholstered seating. The exterior parking decks above the service department function as secondary showrooms with vehicles visible from the road. The goal of this one-of-a-kind facility was to provide customers with an experience they won't soon forget with service they will keep coming back for.